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Hvad er 5HTP

5Hydroxytryptophan (5HTP) er et kemikalie, kroppen gør fra tryptophan (en essentiel aminosyre, som du får fra mad). Efter tryptofan omdannes til 5htp, er den kemiske ændret til et andet kemisk stof kaldet serotonin (en neurotransmitter, som sender signaler mellem hjerneceller). 5HTP kosttilskud hjælpe med at rejse serotonin-niveauet i hjernen. Da serotonin hjælper med at regulere humør og adfærd, kan 5htp have en positiv effekt på søvn, humør, angst, appetit, og smerte sensation.

Fordele ved 5HTP

Weight Loss. It has been noticed that an obese person has low levels of Serotonin in his body. This is because lower the level of this very important chemical in your body, higher are your chances of feeling more hungry and thus ending up overeating. People with low Serotonin levels cannot control their appetite. Thus leading to obesity, this in turn is a major input to unwanted feelings like anxiety, depression and irritation. So it is a good idea to include 5HTP in your otherwise ineffective weight loss programs.

Less headaches. It has been found that people who suffer from migraines or continuous headaches have lesser levels of Serotonin in their brains. So by taking the 5HTP supplement along with your regular diet, you will be able to reduce the occurrence of these painful migraines.

Relief from stress and depression. Doctors of people who suffer from stress and depression are known to prescribe them medicines that increase the Serotonin levels in their brains. With regular intake of the 5HTP supplement, you will surely be able to stay away from depression and other related unwanted feelings like self pity, fear, stress and anxiety.

5HTP Dosage

For depression, a recommended dose of 5HTP is 150 milligram (mg) to 300 mg per day.

For primary fibromyalgia syndrome, a recommended dose is 100 mg, three times a day for one month.

For other uses, talk with your doctor or follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

A typical dose of 5HTP is in the range of 300-500 mg, taken either once daily or in divided doses. Lower doses may also be effective, although usually when paired with other substances.

For the purpose of reducing food intake, 5HTP should be taken with a meal as it increases satiety from food intake (rather than reducing appetite/hunger). 5HTP should not be taken with any neurological drug that has been prescribed for antidepressant or other cognitive purposes unless cleared by a medical doctor.

People with high blood pressure or diabetes should talk to their doctor before taking 5HTP.

People who are taking antidepressant medications should not take 5HTP without their health care provider’s supervision.

People with liver disease, pregnant women, and women who are breastfeeding should not take 5HTP.

Once you start the product, it is important to give it at least 90 days to see how it functions with your body and if it is going to work for you. If you don’t feel the results that you desire, you do have the ability to adjust your doses. It is important not to do that in the first three months though, so that you give it a chance to work for you.

It is important to talk with your doctor before trying the supplement. The supplement can potentially interfere with other medications and may not be right for everyone. So make sure you adequately research the product and its side effects before you take it. Talk to your health care provider before taking higher-than-recommended doses.

5HTP Side Effects

One thing that many people have complained of with many 5HTP products is that it causes mild nausea. However, this side effect has been eliminated. The special blend of ingredients that has been selected to ensure that no side effects will be caused when you begin taking this product.

However, it is best to talk to your doctor before you begin taking this product. There are some medications that may have a drug interaction to 5HTP. It has also not been designed for women who are pregnant as well as seniors.

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As always, share with your doctor and pharmacist all prescription, non-prescription, illegal, recreational, herbal, nutritional, or dietary drugs you’re taking. Because of 5HTP’s involvement with the production of serotonin, you should be careful if taking medications that increase levels of serotonin in the body.

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Køb kost pille ved 5htp officielle hjemmeside